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Language is affected by emotions. Emotions are affected by language. That is why my text consultation always includes the interaction with the customers, products, partnerships and management.

Company language. A consistent way of expression will strengthen your reputation, simplify the communication and will be rewarded with trust.

Text-Training. I offer both traditional and digital training, so that your team learns to both accept and adopt your trademark speech.

Developing a Style Guide for communication.

Online texts. Whether a product description in a shop, notifications on Twitter or advertising banners: the difference between online texts and printed writing is about as small as the difference between fan chants and a ballad. I will gladly train your team.


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Concept Recruiter

What qualities are reflected in your Corporate Identity? And are these brought across in your letters, emails and spoken word? Throughout the course of my career as a journalist for the newspaper “Kölnische Rundschau” I quickly grasped the coverage good texts can obtain because a stable Corporate Identity can only be achieved with a typical tone of voice. I completed my training as a copywriter at Jung von Matt’s in 2003. This was followed by the classic stages on the way to become a creative director including team management, project controlling and strategy consulting.

Since 2010 I have been working in didactics that structure learning processes to enable your team to implement the new sound of your brand in practice.

Today I am a mentor for communication. I ask the right questions, listen carefully and we find the right style of language for your company.

  • You will feel the emotional guidelines mirrored in your tone of voice
  • Your company will receive a linguistic style typical of the brand
  • Your employees will obtain substantiated text training
  • Your customer loyalty will be strengthened by new ways of communication
  • You will save time on the collaboration with agencies
  • The employee identification with the company will be increased

See how texts change and understand why:


As an Online-printing company there are two different target groups which cannot be told apart by email:

  • lay people
  • professionals

1. The personal address comes before the self-promotion of FLYERPRINT.

2. The most important part comes at the beginning: Your upload was successful!

3. Only uncertain customers will choose the offer of Data-check-Plus. There is a high probability that these are lay people so this part can be more detailed.

4. Important information – here the delivery time – is put into a separate line so that it is immediately registered.

5. To make the service more personal end the adoption with greetings and a name.




The target group is addressed empathetically.

1. A subscriber knows the offers and only needs to know about the new service.

2. Someone who has subscribed does this freely and has already given the permission to be contacted because they are interested in news.

3. In the old newsletter the exclamation mark was used four times. This is not necessary when the key words are distinct.

4. The newsletter got shorter and was divided into more paragraphs to achieve a better readability. 




The insurance company focuses on three things:

  • show understanding for the customer
  • emphasize security (not risks)
  • appear as a reliable partner

1. The subject line becomes both informative and personal.

2. The target group is picked up where it is: at its reboot.

3. The activities of the insurance are expressed positively: e.g. the health instead of illness.

4. Contents are not duplicated. This undermines the confident impression. Once and comprehensible is enough.

5. If you write the way you talk you emphasize your customers the impression that they can talk to you more than if you use literary language.

6. If the customer is asked to do something e.g. inform themselves on the internet then explain why they are supposed to do so e.g. “due to diverse services”.

7. Personal wishes create closeness and trust.



The target group is addressed authentically. (The offer is customized for end users who do not have a lot of knowledge about printing)

1. There is a gap between the style of writing in the headline and the copy text. The difference between youth slang and postal voice is massive. This stains the credibility.

2. When people still wrote http:// in front of a web address a part of the target group today was not even born.

3. Words like “alternatively”, “timely”, “benefit” are too intellectual for the fun CI of the Button-Queen. 

4. People who remind their customers of paying by an invoice receipt show too little trust.


Companies that live their brands. Financial institutions which earn trust. Automobile manufacturers which sell passion, just like food products which define a lifestyle, technology which motivates, a design which conveys a smile, cosmetics which exude confidence, and social facilities which put a desire for change into action.


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